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House to Home: A Journal for Homeowners (Special Offer)

House to Home: A Journal for Homeowners (Special Offer)

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Because your memories matter. Capture your memories once. Treasure them for a lifetime.

It's like a baby book for your home.

Keep track of everything from holidays to life events to renovations and decorating projects. After all, those are the things that transform a house into a home.

Treasure your family memories forever with:

  • A recap of your house-hunt: Every home story begins with the house-hunt. Keep track of all the details so that you never forget why you chose your house!
  • 5 years of holiday memories: Capture and record your favorite holiday moments and memories for the first 5 years in your home.
  • 5 years of life events: Life events like first days of preschool, baby's first steps, prom and graduation shouldn't be forgotten! With this journal, you can easily keep track of 5 years worth of life events.

Then, track the transformation of your house (*each section below includes enough space to track 6 interior spaces and the exterior of your home*):

  • The "before" photos & plans for change: Looking back on where you started is so satisfying. And so is planning for cha, cha, cha, changes!
  • Your inspiration: Making your house your own means decorating it so that it fits your family perfectly. Gather your inspiration before you pick up the paint brush!
  • Take pride in your projects: All the hard work and decorating you do to make your house your very own is a big deal! So keep track of your work with our "project pride" pages!
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