These are not ordinary calendars...

Our large wall calendars make planning beautiful and functional. They double as 🖼️ ART and they are erasable and reusable! So you can get organized in style.


So beautiful they double as art! The gorgeous matte finish makes our calendars stylish (and very different from old-school, shiny laminated calendars).


Liquid chalk wipes off of our specially coated paper calendars LIKE MAGIC. That means you can easily make changes and use them more than once.


Your write the days of the week and dates in yourself giving you ultimate flexibility. Start using your calendar any time of the year AND choose a Sunday or Monday start.




We don't currently offer any smaller sizes, but don't let that hold you back! Many of our customers hang only 1 or a few at a time and they still make beautiful displays! You can find lots of different spacing and layout ideas here:

You can hang them any way you would hang a thick paper poster or art print. You can find full instructions for our reusable calendars including what chalk pens I recommend and suggestions for hanging them here:

You can find details about the white liquid chalk markers I recommend here:

No. The special coating on our paper calendars is VERY different from typical dry erase surfaces that are thick and shiny. Our coating has a beautiful, matte finish and adds very little weight to the paper (which is nice and thick--250 gsm). Liquid chalk wipes off our our calendars with a damp cloth or paper towel.